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Become Parnter To Earn Money

We are really excited to offer you guys the opportunity to earn money by partnering with our blog-site. Please carefully read the document below to fully understand how to earn easily just spending at least half an hour each day. We have discussed each possible F.A.Q and process as elaborately as we can.

What's the objective?

Our only objective is to share quality contents to our visitors and also to create a long-term earning source for you whenever someone Stream or download a video file through our blog-site. You can earn up to $150 for per 10,000 download and up to $40 for per 10,000 streaming for the content you share through our blog-site. We will even do the SEO of your content with proper tags, search description, custom link and so on. The ultimate goal is to attract more visitors to your content as well as increase traffic of our blog-site.

How it works?

Simply send any Movies, TV-Series or Anime Series post with proper description, embed link and download link to us and we will publish your post in our blog-site. When someone watches video from your post or download the video file, you get paid!!

Can you trust us?

Of course. Our blog-site can only be run on mutual belief and trust. Because if we don't publish your post with your host-server's download link and embed link, why will you share to our blog-site?? And if you will not share the post to others, we will not get visitor for our blog-site. And without visitors, there will be noone to watch our post or download fro our blog-site. So, without you, our blog-site will be nothing but a piece of trash. That's mean we only exists based on your trust and the content you share. If you win, we win too. That's why we will never want you to lose in the process. As simple as that.

What's you benefit by sharing to our blog-site?

Let's say we have published 10 post which are shared by 10 person. If each person manages to attract 2000 people by sharing only their post link in different social network (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ etc.) we will get (2000 x 10) or 20,000 visitors  in a single day. That's mean, even you manage to reach 2000 people alone, your post will be shown and accessed by 20,000 people. If visitors find your post interesting, they will click on your post to watch and download. Say 10,000 people watched your video and other 10,000 downloaded the video. At that instant you can earn up to ($150+$40) or $230 in that day! Trust me, that's not impossible if we can generate that much traffic.
However, we do not want to raise false hope. The numbers are just an example, $150 and $40 is the highest that you will get for per 10,000 valid download and streaming based on the country of the visitors. But the visitors number can be even more in one day. It all depends on how much people you manage to attract to your post by sharing it.

What to do first?

At first, you will need to register in the below host-server with the Same Username so that we can track your video files. Remember, you can only earn money by registering through below server list. Each person is only eligible to open one account in each of the below host-servers under one IP address. Host-servers will not monetize your content if it finds you are running more than one account using VPN or Proxy in their host-server. Registration links have been shorten using link-shortner to track the total click.
  • For Generating "Embed Link" of Movies Click Here to register in this Server
  • For Generating "Embed Link" of Anime/ TV Series Click Here to register in this Server
  • For Generating "Download Link" of All Videos Click Here to register in this Server

What to do after registration in the Host-servers?

After successful registration, you need to upload the movie file in the above Host-Servers. Click Here to see "Tips & Tricks" for uploading video files within minutes.

How To Prepare The Post?

CLICK HERE to download the posting format. Download link has been shorten to track the download of the excel sheet. After downloading the excel sheet, just fill up exact information in the the exact cell and send the excel file to us. We will do the rest of the works for you. For example: adding photos, setting custom permalink, doing SEO, setting labels and also providing search description for search engine to locate the link. 

Where you need to send the post?

We currently don't permit users to post  through our blog-site account in order to protect other users content and also to safeguard our blog-site from spamming. That's why you will need to send your posts through a gmail account. Our gmail account is: 
After you send a post to us, we will send a confirmation e-mail with the post link so that you can recheck and share your post with others. Click Here to see the emailing process.

How the posts will be published in our blog-site?

Admin will first check and review the post you share and will post it in the blog-site. To protect the download link of the video file from spammers, abusers and to track the download we will use link-shortner. 

How to check if your host-server links have been published correctly?

Just visit the post link we will send after we publish your post. You can check your Host-server's embed link from our blog-site. But as the download link of the is video is protected with link-shortner, you will  need to click and complete "Human Verification". After completing verification, it will redirect you to the download link of your host-server that you shared with us.

How long it can take to publish your post?

Normally the post will be published within 5-6 hours. Depending on the post we receive the publishing time may vary a little. But it will surly not take more than two days to publish. However if the publishing time gets delayed because of any kind of uncertain circumstances, you will be notified through email or a post in our blog-site.
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